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Gathering feedback


Angel(Dog breed: Shih Tzu)


I have a dog named “Angel.” Angel doesn't show any aggression towards the housekeeper when I'm with him. He never barks when I am with him. But when I am away, he seems to act differently, like “Devil.” One day, Angel bit the housekeeper, and I was very embarrassed. So I bought Petpuls to understand what happened and why.

Why Petpuls?

I put Petpuls on Angel when I went out, and I was surprised that the danger alarm kept coming from it. It was an alarm to go to the dog because he continued to be angry and something might have happened. It was still not clear why he became angry, but I thought I should at least pay more attention to him.

How is it?

GNar(Dog breed: Shiba Inu)


I chose it because I want to share my dog’s emotions and activities with my son who is away for duty of his compulsory military service for 2 years.

Why Petpuls?

It is very useful to share our dog’s status with my son. When my son finishes his daily duties, he always checks the dog’s feelings and sometimes call me if he wants to know more details. For example, he asks why the dog was angry in the morning, and why he was sad in the afternoon. I am happy to use it because it allows my family and my dog to become closer emotionally. However, it would be nice if it can tell more granular levels of emotions than 4.

How is it?

Sieger(Dog breed: Weimaraner)


I wanted to know my dog’s emotions in different situations. I was particularly concerned about her when she is alone at home.

Why Petpuls?

When I go out for a walk with my dog, I usually do for 2 hours, but one day I did it only for an hour and the angry feeling continued to rise from her. It was impressive! My dog rarely barks when I am with her at home. So when one of my neighbor once told me that my dog barked, I didn’t take it seriously. But after using Petpuls, I realized that she is actually barking when I am away, and often it was “sad” alarm coming into my mobile. Thanks to Petpuls, now I can understand her emotions better and I tries to give more attention to her.

How is it?

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