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The world's first dog emotion translator will help you to better understand you loved one.

Do you Want to Know
What Your Dog is

Dogs express various feelings through barking.
And we may sometimes misunderstand their
feelings as we see them from our perspectives,
not from theirs.


Is there a better way to understand their mind?

Do you worry about your dog while
you are away?


How does your dog feel when you are away?
Even your home monitoring camera cannot tell much about it. 

Do you Want to Track your dog's activities?

Do you know if your dog receive sufficient
every day?

Do you want to calculate your dog's
calories burned


A walk can make your dog very happy. They love to check out the sights and smells and will really look forward to spending time with you. A dog that doesn't receive sufficient exercise can easily become bored or destructive.


Petpuls can do all these things
for you and your lovely dog!

What will you benefit from using a Petpuls?


  • You can easily monitor your dog's activities, and emotions at one place.

  • You can reply to your dog's emotion or activity logs as if you are having a conversation with your dog.

  • At a blink, you will be able to know your dog's emotional, and physical condition from the summary scores.

Activity tracking

  • Total distance

  • Max. speed

  • Calories burned

  • Feeding Calculator

  • Record of your outdoor walk with your dog​​

Emotion tracking

  • Analyze and display your dog's emotions - Happy, Anxious, Sad, Angry

  • The history of your dog's emotions​


The New Way of Living
with Your Dog using Petpuls

Petpuls accurately analyze your dog's emotions
using advanced artificial intelligence.

Petpuls Lab has collected over 10 thousands barking sounds from dogs
in different sizes to develop AI algorithm
(we learned that the size of the dog primarily affects the emotional analysis using AI,
while the breed of the dogs does not)
The 10 thousands barking sounds are labeled into 4 different emotions
(Happy, Sad, Anxious, and Angry) and validated by veterinarians and pet behaviorist.
Petpuls Lab collaborates with AI based audio analysis laboratory
from Seoul National University to develop and validate the audio analysis algorithm.

Over 90% accuracy in emotion tracking

Petpuls wearable is certified by US FCC, EU CE, Korean KC,
RoHS (environmentally friendly), MSDS (material safety)


Petpuls can check the data

As more data accumulates, Petpuls deliver more accurate values to users.
Please use Petpuls a lot!


Strap Hook

Power button


LED Lamp


Reset button

5-pin Charging Connector


Various colors available to match you
and your dog's styles

Ergonomic design and material to give
maximum comfort to your dog 

Silicon strap gives the comfort even for the dogs with skin issues,
and it can be cut out quickly in case of emergency.

Petpuls recognized by the world

Petpuls IoT device award

Petpuls ces2021_innovationawardshonoree-png (1).png

2021 CES
Innovation Awards

IoT Breakthrough award 2021.png

IoT Breakthrough Award
"Connected Pet Care Solution of the Year" 2021

PNG file Stevie IBA Winner (Green).png

Stevie International
Business Awards
Silver Medal 2020

Fast company.png

Fast Company World
Changing IDEAS 2021


2023-09-07 업데이트

Petpuls App V2.0


New update on Petpuls App V2.0

Upgrade your app and enjoy the new features.


What's New on
Petpuls App V2.0

New feature 1.


Timeline shows your dog's activities and emotional statuses in real-time.

New feature 2.


The new version can now show you max. speed, calories burned of your dog through out the activities.

New feature 3.


What are our dogs' feelings throughout the day?
Petpuls displays their feelings even when you are away.
You won't miss out any feeling they have on the day.


Petpuls App download





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