‘Farewell to Cookie,’ Ludia’s Story

I wish that we could have known ‘Petpuls’ earlier. With Petpuls, Cookie would have been treated better in proper ways. Cookie left me last year after 14 years of happy life with me. My family has wonderful memories and stories together with Cookie. Cookie was interested in everything, sniffing, biting, playing with, and pretending she was a queen in the house. However, Cookie often behaved strangely and became very moody. Later we found that Cookie had some internal bleedings and other health issues. I regret for the fact that I did not know immediately when Cookie was crying with pain, when was barking. But now I am a believer that, with this technology, I can be a better mom for the next time. Soon, I will start a new life of ‘Susie,’ with Petpuls at home. I am confident that we will know better each other. I promise to Susie that I will listen carefully when she barks.

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