‘Raising a Different Kind of Family’

Ms. Cho, a chief designer for Petpuls, decided to build a different kind of a family, which was unusual to many in Korea. Ms. Cho and his wife decided not to raise their own children, but adopt dogs. However, these dogs were different, and were with sever heretic diseases or serious chronic health problems. Against fierce objections from immediate family members, Ms. Cho was firm and even moved to Paju, a rural city away from Seoul, to live these dogs. Currently Ms. Cho still takes care of 8 year old Bedlington Terrier, ‘Sebrikang,’ who is with Copper Toxicosis and, ‘Dungi,’ another three year old beautiful Bichon Frise. Ms. Cho plans to adopt more dogs with similar diseases or dogs who were rejected by other families. Ms. Cho particularly finds Petpuls device is helpful in terms of engaging more with her dogs. Although not much barking in the house or backyard, for Ms. Cho, it seems obvious that when her dogs make some sounds, there are some needs. Based on ‘Emotion Graph’ Ms. Cho tries different answers as dogs bark, by offering food, letting them go out and pee, bringing water baskets, or just giving the a hug. It seems Petpuls is a small, yet perfect device for Ms. Cho’s family.

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