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Reset Button

Power Button

LED Lamp


5-pin Charging Connector

​Device Features

  • iOS and Android app compatibility : iOS version 11 or higher, Android version 4.1 or higher

  • ​Available in 2 sizes to fit small and large breed dogs.

  • Collar Dimensions

    • [Device] Length: 2” x Height: 1.38” x Depth: 0.70”

    • [Strap] Height: 0.63” x Depth: 0.13”

    • [Device + Strap]

      • Small : Length: 16.3” x Height: 1.38” x Depth: 0.70”

      • Large : Length: 30.5"  x Height: 1.38” x Depth: 0.70”

  • Petpuls device features a 3-color LED backlit display, power button, microphone, USB charging portal and reset button.

  • Weight : Just under 1 ounce (25 grams)

  • Water resistant (IP54) : device should not be submerged in water/worn while dog is swimming.

  • Battery life : 8-10 hours on a single, full charge; nightly charging recommended

  • Wi-Fi pairing distance : Within approximately 15 feet (5 meters). Smart collar tethers to the owner’s smartphone while outdoors and syncs with the paired app once you’re back on Wi-Fi.

  • KC, ROHS and MSDS Certifications; FCC certification.

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With five strap colors to choose from, your best friend will always be in style. 

  • Eco-friendly, silicone-designed dog collar comes in bright safety orange by default; Additional straps available in blue, green, hot pink and turquoise

  • Detachable, interchangeable strap allows for different color combinations 

  • Pick from two strap lengths: 16.3” (small) and 30.5" (large)

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