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Device Features

  • iOS and Android app compatibility: iOS version 11 or higher, Android version 4.1 or higher

  • Available in 2 sizes to fit small and large breed dogs. Collar Dimensions: 

    • [Strap] Height: 0.63” x Depth: 0.13”

    • [Device] Length: 2” x Height: 1.38” x Depth: 0.70” 

    • [Device + Strap] 

      • Small | Length: 16.3” x Height: 1.38” x Depth: 0.70”

      • Large | Length: 30.5"  x Height: 1.38” x Depth: 0.70”

  • Petpuls device features a 3-color LED backlit display, power button, microphone, USB charging portal and reset button

  • Weight: Just under 1 ounce (25 grams) 

  • Water resistant (IP54): device should not be submerged in water/worn while dog is swimming

  • Battery life: 8-10 hours on a single, full charge; nightly charging recommended

  • Wi-Fi pairing distance: Within approximately 15 feet (5 meters). Smart collar tethers to the owner’s smartphone while outdoors and syncs with the paired app once you’re back on Wi-Fi.

  • KC, ROHS and MSDS Certifications; FCC certification pending



With five strap colors to choose from, your best friend will always be in style. 

  • Eco-friendly, silicone-designed dog collar comes in bright safety orange by default; Additional straps available in blue, green, hot pink and turquoise

  • Detachable, interchangeable strap allows for different color combinations 

  • Pick from two strap lengths: 16.3” (small) and 30.5" (large)

The Petpuls Smartphone App

The Petpuls collar pairs via Wi-Fi with our iOS or Android smartphone app,
which displays and tracks your dog’s emotional status and physical activity.

Device Setup | Start

Device Setup | Select Device

Device Setup | Connect



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Stella Jang, Founder & CEO

Petpuls, the AI-powered dog collar, was created by inventors Vincent Kim and Stela Jang, both of whom were dog lovers from an early age. Together, they endeavored to create an IoT device using AI-driven data to help dog owners better understand their canine companions. The company Petpuls Lab was founded in 2020 by Stela Jang and co-founder Andrew Gil and supported by an R&D team at Seoul National University. 

Jang, CEO and co-founder and Gil, COO and co-founder, tap into their lifelong passion for dogs in their mission to unite all dog lovers. Jang believes humans have a strong responsibility to protect dogs and improve their lives. She is devoted to understanding and improving the emotional connection between owners and their dogs. Like many pet parents, she considers her dog, Che Che as her child and a huge part of her family. Jang is responsible for leading company growth as well as all research and development. As a former executive director of new products at Petpuls parent company, RWave, Jang is working to expand the Petpuls product so every dog’s ‘voice’ can be heard. 



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